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Referral Program

$1000 Honey Money.png

We have designed a Partner Referral Program to reward you for recommending us. 

The Process

5 Easy Steps to Get Rewarded

  1. Fill in our referral form

  2. We contact your referral

  3. We work out how best to support them

  4. They approve our proposal

  5. They get supported - You get rewarded


Where is the referral form?

You can click HERE to access the online referral form.

How much will I be rewarded when my referral signs our support contract?

You will receive a $1000 VISA Gift Card.

What if they don't accept your proposal?

If your referral or our team decides we are not the right fit we will still reward you with a $100 VISA Gift Card.

How will I receive my reward?

We will contact you to request a mailing address for the card to be mailed too.  Alternatively, if we are using an e-gift card we will request an email address from you.

Can I get my reward in cash?

We will not be issuing cash, however some of the Gift Card affiliates we use may offer a cash withdrawal. 

When will I receive my reward?

After the new client has been with us for 3 months you will receive an email asking for your mailing address or chosen email. (Depending on the type of Gift Card we are able to secure at the time)  Upon receiving your response the Gift Card will be purchased and will be shipped to your or emailed within 48 hours and you will be notified via email. 

How will I know if one of my referrals signs a contract with you?

We will notify you via email of your successful referral.

I have more questions about this reward program?

Please fill out our contact form HERE and add in the message section the questions you have and we will respond to you promptly.

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