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Transforming Your Technology

To Leverage IT for Growth

"We ask the right questions to get you the real results"

- Increased operational efficiencies

    - Reduce and control IT support costs

        - Gain access to enterprise-level IT support

            - Experience minimised downtime

                - Focus on growing your business, not managing your IT

                    - Receive peace of mind with 24/7 network monitoring

                        - Focus on Technology Strategy, Not Support

                            - Eliminate Technical Challenges

Your Long-Term IT Strategy Begins Today

Transformed ICT's experts and specialists have extensive experience and knowledge in outsourced IT Support solutions, cyber-security, digital transformation, cloud technology, and business intelligence.

Providing our clients with a technology roadmap helps form the foundation for a secure IT environment, higher productivity, and cost efficiencies.

It enables a plan to accelerate digital transformation adoption whilst ensuring your business can adapt to change and growth rapidly.

Catching Up


Does Your IT Strategy Drive Your Business Growth?

When you’re trying to scale your business, a clunky IT strategy will impede your growth and cost a fortune in time and money. Transform your IT strategy and use it to drive the growth of your business instead of slow it down!


Align your organisation objectives with your IT strategy. Transformed ICT will help you create, manage, and maintain a technology roadmap to keep you on track with your goals.

  • Build a strategic, long-term approach to achieving your business goals

  • Leverage technology in a sustainable way

  • Understand your step-by-step timeline toward your objectives and how you’ll get there

IT Support

Compliment your Internal IT Team or Fully Managed IT

Increase the productivity and effectiveness of your team by outsourcing your IT needs to Transformed ICT.

As your IT Partner, we’ll either complement your Internal IT team or manage your IT environment for you, so your team can focus on more strategic initiatives that have a positive impact on your GP.

Due to our substantial industry and business experience, we are a trusted strategic technology partner to organisations across Australia and internationally.

  • ​We’ll build a custom solution based on your specific business goals​

  • Our Australian based, IT Service Desk is aligned to industry compliance and best practices.​

  • Our experts and specialists are always advancing their skills to keep up to date with emerging technologies and methods.

Image by Jefferson Santos


Are you keeping up with cybersecurity threats?

Security is always changing and evolving. For every 9 metre wall you build, someone else is building a 10 metre ladder. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with the latest security trends while managing your team and your task list. Where do you even start?

Our team of experts will guide you through this process and stay on top of the latest security trends.

  • Determine exactly where there are potential weaknesses in your network with a security audit and learn exactly how to address them

  • Gain hands-on support from a Cyber Essential team

  • Reduce your business risk with implemented Cyber Policies


IT Health Check

Get a high-level overview of your current systems.

Technology Roadmap

Get actionable insight with a clear strategy and a plan to execute on it.


Increase productivity, enhance security, and free up time and resources.

Our Intention

We exist to empower Founders & their teams to make the greatest impact possible, with maximum ease, simplicity, speed to growth and profits.

Our Vision

To become the foremost leader in IT services, renowned for transforming the landscape of business technology. Our vision is to create a world where every organisation, regardless of size, has access to the best IT solutions that drive unparalleled growth, innovation, and efficiency.
We strive to be recognised as a catalyst for change, setting the standard for excellence in IT services and playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of business technology nationally.

Our Mission

At Transformed ICT, our mission is to deliver exceptional IT services and solutions that drive business success. We are dedicated to empowering a diverse range of businesses with innovative, cost-effective technology that simplifies complexities and accelerates growth.
Our commitment lies in being the driving force behind our clients' technological advancement, ensuring they not only meet but exceed their operational and strategic goals.
We strive to be the cornerstone of our clients' success, continuously evolving and adapting to lead in the ever-changing world of technology.
We strive to be recognised as a catalyst for change, setting the standard for excellence in IT services and playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of business technology nationally.
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